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How should Karo syrup be stored?

Before or after opening, Karo syrup may be stored at room temperature. Storage conditions affect product quality. Light corn syrup may turn slightly yellow with age, but this is normal and not harmful.


How long can Karo syrup be stored?

Karo syrup is safe to eat for an indefinite period of time whether it has been opened or not opened. However, for best results we recommend using before the "Best by" date stamped on the container. Bottles may be refrigerated after opening, however, the syrup will be thicker and slower to pour.

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Does corn syrup serve any function in recipes besides sweetening?

Corn syrup serves different functions in different types of recipes and in products you purchase. It controls sugar crystallization in candy, prevents the formation of ice crystals in frozen desserts, enhances fresh fruit flavor in jams and preserves, sweetens and thickens relishes. Corn syrup balances sweet and sour flavor profiles, and is therefore a key ingredient in many Asian dishes.

When brushed onto baked ham, barbecued meats, baked vegetables or fresh fruit, it is an ideal glaze. In baked goods, corn syrup holds moisture and maintains freshness longer.

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Can Karo light and dark corn syrups be interchanged in recipes?

Yes. Karo light and dark corn syrups perform similarly in recipes and can usually be used interchangeably. Recipes usually specify which type to use but the choice may be guided by personal preference. Typically, light corn syrup is used when a delicately sweet flavor is desired, such as in fruit sauces and jams. Karo light corn syrup is made with real vanilla.

Dark corn syrup is made with refiners' syrup, a type of molasses. With its more robust flavor and color, it is ideal for many baked goods.

Both Karo light and dark corn syrups, along with Karo pancake syrup, are ideal toppings for pancakes, waffles, French toast, and biscuits.

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Can corn syrup be substituted for brown sugar or granulated sugar in recipes?

Although corn syrup and granulated sugars are both sweeteners, it is not possible to use them interchangeably in recipes. Because corn syrup is a liquid, it cannot be substituted for granulated sugar without adjusting other ingredients, particularly in baked goods. For best results, follow recipes developed especially for corn syrup. In sugar-sweetened beverages, however, it's easy to experiment with corn syrup as a ready-blending substitute.

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Can corn syrup be substituted for honey or molasses?

While acceptable in some recipes, this is generally not recommended as the finished product will have different flavor characteristics.


What is the gluten status of Karo?

All Karo Syrup is gluten free and is produced in a facility free of gluten.


Does "light" mean Karo light corn syrup contains fewer calories? Is light corn syrup the same as "white" corn syrup?

The clear Karo corn syrup has been called "light" since the 1940s, before "light" became a popular description for reduced-calorie products. The term "light" in this case refers to the color, and not the number of calories. Many consumers refer to light corn syrup as "white" corn syrup.

The terms "light" and "dark" refer to the differences in the colors of Karo syrups. Both types have the same number of calories - 60 calories per tablespoon, and both are fat free and cholesterol free foods.


What is corn syrup?

Corn syrup is a mildly sweet, concentrated solution of dextrose and other sugars derived from corn starch. It is naturally sweet. Corn syrup contains between 15% to 20% dextrose (glucose) and a mixture of various other types of sugar.


What is the difference between Karo light and dark corn syrup?

Karo light corn syrup is a mixture of corn syrup and is flavored with salt and pure vanilla. It is clear and colorless, with a moderately sweet flavor.

Karo dark corn syrup is a mixture of corn syrup and a small amount of refiners' syrup (a cane sugar product with a molasses-like flavor). Caramel flavor, sodium benzoate (a preservative), salt, and caramel color are added. Dark corn syrup has a rich brown color and distinctive flavor.


What is refiners' syrup? Why is it used in Karo dark corn syrup?

Refiners' syrup is a type of molasses. It gives dark corn syrup its flavor and color.


When was the ingredient "vanilla" added to Karo light corn syrup?

Vanilla has always been an ingredient in Karo light corn syrup. It gives extra smoothness and richness to the flavor.

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